Mary has become friends with the chef who works at the Savory Spice Store in Palm Desert, California where she buys the spices and herbs used in her jams and jellies.  On one visit to the gourmet spice shop, the chef told her he wanted her to try a very special product.  He shook two peppercorns into her hand.  Mary looked at them suspiciously and said, “You want me to chew peppercorns?”  With a nod, he said, “Trust me.”  WOW!  Every taste bud in her mouth blossomed and her tongue tingled for twenty minutes.  A must-have, Mary knew Michael would come up with something wonderful.  Inspiration came quickly. Within minutes of tasting these peppercorns, Michael was experimenting with flavors.  Szechwan Orange Jelly is incredible on beef, pork or chicken.  Serve it over white rice or fried rice.  Either marinate or brush chicken breasts with Lemon Tingler Jelly and your mouth will dance with delight!  Yep, Michael did it again.