Delaila was seven years old when she discovered Soaring Swine Acres at the Yucaipa Market Night in Southern California.  One taste and she was smitten.  She woke her mother up the next morning with her “This is MY jam!” song, dancing and clutching a jar or our jam.  Every week at Market Night, Delaila would lead new customers to our booth, saying that they just had to try the best jelly in the world.  Delaila and her mom, Glori, became great friends and our favorite customers.  At the 2016 Music and Arts Fest, Mary asked Delaila to name her favorite fruit, telling Delaila that she wanted to make a special jam, just for her.  Delaila couldn’t settle on just one fruit, saying that strawberries and cherries were the best.  Michael stirred up some magic and Delaila was delighted.  Delaila even has her own specially designed Soaring Swine t-shirt which she wears to every Yucaipa Market Night.  It has a picture of Delaila’s Delight with the statement “This is MY jam!”  If you see Delaila at the Yucaipa Market Night, ask her to lead you to the best tasting jams and jellies in the world.