Delaila’s Delight

Delaila was seven years old when she discovered Soaring Swine Acres at the Yucaipa Market Night in Southern California.  One taste and she was smitten.  She woke her mother up the next morning with her “This is MY jam!” song, dancing and clutching a jar or our jam.  Every week at Market Night, Delaila would lead new customers to our booth, saying that they just had to try the best jelly in the world.  Delaila and her mom, Glori, became great friends and our favorite customers.  At the 2016 Music and Arts Fest, Mary asked Delaila to name her favorite fruit, telling Delaila that she wanted to make a special jam, just for her.  Delaila couldn’t settle on just one fruit, saying that strawberries and cherries were the best.  Michael stirred up some magic and Delaila was delighted.  Delaila even has her own specially designed Soaring Swine t-shirt which she wears to every Yucaipa Market Night.  It has a picture of Delaila’s Delight with the statement “This is MY jam!”  If you see Delaila at the Yucaipa Market Night, ask her to lead you to the best tasting jams and jellies in the world.

Szechwan Orange Jelly and Lemon Tingler Jelly

Mary has become friends with the chef who works at the Savory Spice Store in Palm Desert, California where she buys the spices and herbs used in her jams and jellies.  On one visit to the gourmet spice shop, the chef told her he wanted her to try a very special product.  He shook two peppercorns into her hand.  Mary looked at them suspiciously and said, “You want me to chew peppercorns?”  With a nod, he said, “Trust me.”  WOW!  Every taste bud in her mouth blossomed and her tongue tingled for twenty minutes.  A must-have, Mary knew Michael would come up with something wonderful.  Inspiration came quickly. Within minutes of tasting these peppercorns, Michael was experimenting with flavors.  Szechwan Orange Jelly is incredible on beef, pork or chicken.  Serve it over white rice or fried rice.  Either marinate or brush chicken breasts with Lemon Tingler Jelly and your mouth will dance with delight!  Yep, Michael did it again.

Strawberry Lemonade Jam


Strawberry Lemonade Jam was the first recipe that Michael created for Soaring Swine Acres.  Mary and Michael were manning their booth at the Yucaipa Farmer’s Market in California when Michael suddenly announced that he wanted to create his own jam, strawberry lemonade.  Talk about delicious!  No experimentation was necessary; Michael got it right with the first batch.  It’s one of Piglet’s Favorites because children of all ages love it.  Michael’s culinary creativity exploded; he’s since created over 100 different jam recipes!

Cajun Salsa

New Orleans is Mary’s birthplace and a strong influence on her taste buds.  In her opinion, the cuisine in South Louisiana cannot be topped any place in the world.  One of her favorite tastes is the mighty muffuletta, the best sandwich in the world.  This gastronomical delight, created in the French Quarter, is made of layers of ham, provolone, salami, mozzarella, and an olive salad.  After moving to California in 1990, Mary found the olive salad was essential to her happiness and was unavailable in SoCal.  So, she figured out how to recreate it, adding her own blend of herbs and spices.  It immediately became one of Soaring Swine Acres signature products.  

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Golden Apricot Jam

This is the jam that started it all!  In 2009, Mary’s father-in-law, Gilbert, gave her apricots from his backyard tree.  The whole family yummied up the luscious fruit.  Still, the apricots kept coming.  They shared the windfall with friends and neighbors.  Still more apricots.  Mary cooked with them, stuffing chicken breasts, making the apricot upside down cake and chocolate apricot upside down cake.  The backyard tree kept producing and Gilbert continued to be generous.  No one could eat all the apricots and Mary just couldn’t let them go to waste.  So she taught herself how to make jam, never realizing where this project would lead.

This apricot jam goes great on a bagel or toast.  Make sure to stop by our shop and try some!

MeMe’s BBQ Sauce

Mary’s mom created this barbecue sauce in the sixties and kept the recipe a secret even though she was asked for it many times.  When Mary started Soaring Swine Acres, she told her mom that she would like to sell her BBQ sauce.  Her mom was thrilled, saying, “I’ve always wanted to sell my sauce!”  But she wouldn’t give the recipe to Mary; she gave it to Michael with a reminder to keep it a secret!  Michael keeps the recipe in his head.  Mary knows the ingredients since she makes the labels for all their products, but she is expected to stay out of the kitchen when Michael is making the sauce!

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The Story Behind Dad’s Spaghetti Sauce

Tomatoes for the Spaghetti Sauce

Ever since Michael could talk, he asked to help cook dinner. He would stand on a chair or sit on the counter to stir. He especially loved helping his dad, David, make spaghetti sauce. David started the sauce by 7:00 a.m. and it simmered all day, filling the house with a mouth-watering aroma. David’s recipe was his version of his mom’s homemade sauce, recorded only in his head.

While David was a great cook, he was not a teacher. He allowed Michael to “assist” by watching or stirring. Michael was content just spending time in the kitchen with his dad.

A New Chef Makes the Spaghetti Sauce

David died unexpectedly in 2004. Mary, Amanda, and Michael adjusted to a “new normal,” learning to live with the loss of a wonderful husband and father. Dinner time was especially difficult. Nearly a year after his death, Mary mentioned missing his spaghetti sauce and resigned herself to never again having spaghetti, as no one else’s sauce would do. Michael said, “I think I can make it.”

It took only two attempts for Michael to perfect his dad’s sauce. He starts at 7:00 a.m., and throughout the day, the aroma fills the house with memories and anticipation. Sometimes, Michael creates a meat sauce. Other nights, he adds homemade meatballs or Italian sausage to the sauce. In retrospect, David was a great teacher. As Michael watched and stirred, his dad’s love was imprinted on his heart.

Dad's Spaghetti Sauce

Enjoy David’s sauce and remember a good man who fed his family on love and left a legacy to his son.

If you would like to try this truly delicious spaghetti sauce, head over to our online marketplace where you can pick up a jar made fresh by Michael himself. You can use this spaghetti sauce to make a meal with family and friends who are important to you and share the story with them. Remember to take a moment to appreciate every moment you have with them.