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We make jams, jellies, sauces, & salsas. Our mission: To deliver the finest small-batch products ever to tempt your taste buds. Make your mouth happy!

Founded in 2012 in Yucaipa, CA by Mary Ruhter, Soaring Swine Acres uses fresh, natural, farm-to-jar preparation of each product. Each jam, jelly, sauce, & salsa comes handmade from a batch of 12 or fewer jars to ensure the utmost quality possible. All jams, jellies, sauces, & salsas are 100% natural, with no artificial colors or flavorings.

Soaring Swine Acres Plum Jam, Golden Apricot Jam, Ginger Pear Jam

Mary is a teacher and Southern soul transplanted to California back in 1990. She and her son Michael work side-by-side in Moreno Valley restaurant Martha’s Kitchen to create each product by hand. Together, they develop all of the Soaring Swine Acres recipes. Each one is a unique flavor combination that you can’t find anywhere else.

Some of the products come from family recipes, while Mary’s Mexican family, her childhood in New Orleans, and the Southern California lifestyle inspired many others. Michael cooked with his dad as a toddler, was preparing family meals by age eleven, and has been developing his own recipes for Soaring Swine Acres ever since.

Soaring Swine Acres? — The Story of Our Name

Basket Full of Jams and Jellies by Soaring Swine Acres

Mary has always been a “city girl,” born and raised in the suburbs of New Orleans and happiest in the middle of a booming city. In 2007, she married Ralph and nervously agreed to move to Yucaipa because Ralph wanted a home with acreage.

Together, they found the perfect place on the North Bench in Yucaipa, a neighborhood with multi-acre lots. Mary brimmed with excitement because the home was a “short sale.” She had no idea what that meant!

In the months that followed their bid on the house, each new update raised and dashed Mary’s hopes and dreams on a weekly basis. One week the bank agreed to their offer, the next week the answer was no. For every hurdle they cleared, the world threw another obstacle in their path to a new home. “Pay an extra $10,000 and the house is yours,” the bank said.

Negotiations continued. “Oh, the owners ripped out all the appliances last week, but you can still have it,” was another communication from the lender. Then came the news, “The septic tank collapsed, if you can have it repaired in a week, the house is yours.” On again, off again, tears of disappointment, heart aflutter with anticipation. At one point, a frustrated banker told Ralph and Mary, “You know, you’ll get that house when pigs fly.”

The Acres of Soaring Swine Acres

Well…pigs flew, and they got their place! They had to name it Soaring Swine Acres, and when Mary started her jam and jelly business, no other name would do.

Sometimes pigs really DO fly… and wonderful things happen!

We hope you’ll find the same enjoyment in our jams, jellies, sauces, & salsas that we found in making them. Find out more about Soaring Swine Acres products on our blog below. Or you can visit our online marketplace to search through our large selection of jams, jellies, sauces, & salsas for something that piques your taste buds.



Delaila’s Delight

Delaila was seven years old when she discovered Soaring Swine Acres at the Yucaipa Market Night in Southern California.  One taste and she was smitten.  She woke her mother up the next morning with her “This is MY jam!” song, dancing and clutching a jar or our jam.  Every week at Market Night, Delaila would …